Smartwatch Band Size Table
See below to find out which watch bands are compatible with your smartwatch!
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A-E    F-J    K-O    P-T    U-Z
Brand Model Band Width
Amazfit PACE 22mm
Apple Apple Watch Series 0 38mm Proprietary 38mm
Apple Watch Series 1 38mm Proprietary 38mm
Apple Watch Series 2 38mm Proprietary 38mm
Apple Watch Series 0 42mm Proprietary 42mm
Apple Watch Series 1 42mm Proprietary 42mm
Apple Watch Series 2 42mm Proprietary 42mm
Asus ZenWatch 1 22mm
ZenWatch 2 (45mm X 37mm) 18mm
ZenWatch 2 (49mm X 41mm) 22mm
ZenWatch 3 Proprietary
CoWatch CoWatch 22mm
Diesel On 24mm
Emporio Armani EA Men Connected 22mm
Fitbit Alta Proprietary
Alta HR Proprietary
Blaze 22mm
Charge 2 Proprietary
Surge Proprietary
Fossil Q Accomplice 16mm
Q Crewmaster 22mm
Q Explorist Unknown
Q Founder 22mm
Q Founder 2.0 22mm
Q Gazer 20mm
Q Marshall 22mm
Q Modern Pursuit 20mm
Q Tailor 18mm
Q Venture Unknown
Q Wander 22mm
Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch Classics 20mm / 22mm
Garmin Approach S60 Quickfit 22mm
Fenix 26mm, Screwhead
Fenix 2 26mm, Screwhead
Fenix 3 Quickfit 26mm
Fenix 5 Quickfit 22mm
Fenix 5S Quickfit 20mm
Fenix 5X Quickfit 26mm
Forerunner 10 Proprietary
Forerunner 35 Proprietary
Forerunner 225 Proprietary
Forerunner 230 Proprietary
Forerunner 235 Proprietary
Forerunner 935 Quickfit 22mm
Quatix 5 Quickfit 22mm
Quatix 5 Sapphire Quickfit 22mm
Vivoactive Proprietary, Screwhead
Vivoactive HR Proprietary, Screwhead
Vivoactive HR GPS Proprietary, Screwhead
Vivofit Proprietary
Vivofit 2 Proprietary
Vivofit 3 Proprietary
Vivomove Sport 20mm
Vivomove Classic 20mm
Vivosmart HR Proprietary, Screwhead
Vivosmart HR+ Proprietary, Screwhead
Vivosmart 3 Proprietary
Guess Connect 41mm Proprietary
Connect 45mm Proprietary
Huawei Fit 18mm
Watch 18mm
Watch 2 (Sport) 20mm
Watch 2 Classic 22mm
Hugo Boss Touch Unknown
Kate Spade Metro Grand 18mm
LG G Watch 22mm
G Watch R 22mm
Watch Sport Band Contains Antenna
Watch Style 18mm
Watch Urbane 22mm
Watch Urbane 2nd Edition Band Contains Antenna
Michael Kors Access Bradshaw 22mm
Access Dylan 22mm
Misfit Phase 20mm
Vapor Unknown
Shine Proprietary
Shine 2 Proprietary
Ray Proprietary
Montblanc Summit 22mm
Moto Moto 360 22mm
Moto 360 2 (42mm Mens) 20mm
Moto 360 2 (42mm Womens) 16mm
Moto 360 2 (46mm) 22mm
Moto 360 Sport Proprietary
New Balance RunIQ 22mm
Pebble 1 22mm
2 22mm
Time 22mm
Time Round (14) 14mm
Time Round (20) 20mm
Time Steel 22mm
Polar M600 Proprietary
Samsung Galaxy Gear Proprietary, with Camera
Galaxy Gear 2 22mm
Galaxy Gear 2 Neo 22mm
Galaxy Gear Fit Proprietary
Galaxy Gear Fit 2 Proprietary
Galaxy Gear Live 22mm
Galaxy Gear S Proprietary
Galaxy Gear S2 Proprietary
Galaxy Gear S2 Classic 20mm
Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier / Classic 22mm
Skagen Connected 22mm
Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Proprietary
Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Proprietary
Ticwatch 2 20mm
Timex IQ+ Move 37mm 18mm
IQ+ Move 41mm 20mm
Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7 22mm
TomTom Spark 3 Proprietary
Vector Luna 22mm
Meridian 22mm
Verizon Wear24 Proprietary
Withings ActivitéPop 18mm
ActivitéSteel 18mm
Steel HR 36mm 18mm
Steel HR 40mm 20mm
Xiaomi Mi Band Proprietary
Mi Band 2 Proprietary
ZTE Quartz 22mm

Updated as of Jun 12, 2017

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