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15 Amazing Gardens in the US You Must Visit



Garden of Eden in Maui, Hawaii

Ever wanted to leave the hustle and bustle of city life to just relax and experience the majestic creations of nature? Scattered all across the country, you will find plenty of amazing botanical gardens filled with a wide range of trees, flowers, shrubbery and more. These magnificent gardens allow you to transport yourself into a completely different world filled with order, controlled chaos and beauty.

Many of these gardens are open throughout the year but there is no better time to visit them than in the spring when flowers bloom. It refreshes you in a way that nothing else can. Here are 15 amazing gardens in the US.

1. Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio, Texas

Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio, Texas

With a rich history of more than 90 years, the Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio, Texas is a sight to behold. It is almost impossible to believe that once upon a time, a rock quarry stood where the garden is today. The entire quarry was transformed into the beautiful garden through tranquil walkways, gorgeous stone arch bridges, a mesmerizing 60-foot waterfall and even a traditional Japanese pavilion.

It captured the hearts and minds of the local residents who went out of their way and donated light bulbs to add more beauty to the area. You also get to enjoy Asian cuisine and sip hot and cold teas while gazing at the infinite beauty around.

2. Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona

Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona

Home to thousands of species of cactus, trees and flowers from all over the world, this garden offers a lot more than what you might expect. This lavish garden is spread over 55 acres and offers a surreal experience thanks to the contrast between the backdrop of the Sonoran Desert and the lush plants and flowers of the garden.

It all began in 1939 when a small group of passionate residents decided to conserve the desert environment and brought attention to their cause. Over time, their support grew and today the magnificent beauty of the desert is conserved through this stunning garden. From the lush beauty of flora to landscaping, water conservation and medicinal uses of plants, you can get it all here.

3. Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California

Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California

This magnificent garden is like a festival of colors, scents and experiences as it features displays from all over the world. Spanning over 55 acres of land, the botanical garden in San Francisco offers plants and flowers from various regions across Earth such as Mediterranean, mild-temperature climate regions, montane tropic and even specialty collections filled with rare flora.

It was a dream in the making for John McLaren, a park supervisor in the 1890s and it took almost three decades before it manifested into a reality. Today you can take a leisurely walk to explore its beauty, visit the Garden Bookstore for souvenirs, visit the library of Horticulture or just have a great time with your kids. The sheer diversity of flora in this garden is really something to behold.

4. Botanical Gardens in Washington, DC

Botanical Gardens in Washington, DC

This is a stunning botanical garden worthy of being in the nation’s capital and features a wide variety of flora from different regions. It also has a very rich history as it was George Washington, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson who came up with the idea of having the botanical garden there. You get to see beautiful roses, gorgeous orchids and plants that come from rainforest regions to Mid-Atlantic regions.

Irrespective of the time of the year, there will be always something beautiful to look at; thanks to the diversity found there. You also get to visit indoor gardens, the conservatory and a rare plant gallery for more variety. One very unique thing you find here is that they display stunning displays of models of famous buildings during various holidays and they are a sight to behold.

5. Botanical Garden in St Louis, Missouri

Botanical Garden in St Louis, Missouri

This beautiful garden offers numerous tranquil walkways, exotic flowers, a 14 acre stunning Japanese Garden, waterfalls and flora from various Mediterranean regions. The Japanese Garden in particular is one of the highlights of this botanical garden and transports you to a whole different reality.

With a rich history of 155 years, today it has over 4800 trees and spans a total of 79 acres allowing you to take your time as you explore its magnificent beauty. There are several other things you can do too such as checking out their conservatory, plant collections, community gardening and more. You also get to join gardening classes and learn about sustainability with your entire family.

6. Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden in Florida

Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden in Florida

The Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden is a work of art unlike anything you have seen before. Located in Florida, it spans over 83 acres and is dedicated to the conservation of tropical flora. It takes you back to a time when nature ruled the world and makes you wonder if it would have been so beautiful had we not destroyed the natural landscape.

You get to see mangrove gardens, pine rock lands, palm savannahs and even exotic Flamingos standing majestically over shallow lakes. There are a ton of amazing stuff you can do such as checking out their aquatic exhibit, tropical flower garden, butterfly exhibit, tropical fruit exhibits and many more. It truly feels like a once in a lifetime experience when you go there.

7. Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

In Longwood Gardens, horticulture, education and arts come together to offer a one of a kind experience to any who wishes to explore its 1077 acres of gardens, woodlands and meadows. Its history is quite interesting as it was previously home to the native Lenni Lenape tribe once upon a time.

Today it features a plethora of exhibits, educational activities, horticulture, sustainability and art programs and is visited by more than a million people each year. There are a total of 21 exquisite indoor gardens, 27 magnificent outdoor gardens and 4 awe-inspiring fountains to explore in this beautiful place. If you love roses, then you can visit their famous Rose Arbor and see these beautiful flowers in all of their splendor.

8. Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden in Dallas, Texas

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden in Dallas, Texas

There is one thing that is undeniable about Texans. When they do something, they go all out and absolutely crush it. The Dallas Arboretum is one of the top arboretums in the world and attracted over 979,219 visitors in 2018. Spanning over 66 acres there are a total of 19 gardens, each with their own unique flora displays.

The Rose Garden, Val Late Garden of Memories, DeGloyer Gardens, Pecan Grove and The Eugenia Leftwich Palmer Fern Dell are especially amazing to visit. If you really want to have a memorable experience, just take a leisurely stroll through Crape Myrtle Alle and stand in awe at the amazing “Toad Corner” fountain. There are also a ton of other fun activities for both you and your family to bond and create unforgettable memories.

9. Topiary Garden in Columbus, Ohio

Topiary Garden in Columbus, Ohio

Located in the downtown Discovery District, this 9.82-acre garden sits on what used to be the Old Deaf School Park and features some of the most unique displays of flora in the country. Its history is quite rich and tells a wonderful tale of the famous artists, James.T.Mason and his wife Elaine. The pond in the park was created as on ode to the River Seine.

Both the pond and the artificial hills were installed way back in 1989 and have since captivated hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The entire park has flora cut and shaped to form the characters. It is truly a sight to behold and one that you must experience in your life.

10. Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina

Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina

The Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina spans over 55 acres and attracts more than 400,000 visitors each year from all over the world. This is one place that is designed to take your breath away the moment you enter it. It features a variety of amazing gardens filled with exotic colors, texture and scents. You even get to visit a carnivorous plant collection, a bird viewing shelter, an endangered species garden and more as you have 4 amazing flora gardens to explore and relish.

Asiatic Arboretum is one garden you have to visit if you love to see flowers of all colors and vibrancy. You also get to see the amazing Italian styled Terrace Gardens, the wonderfully designed Doris Duke Center Gardens and the serene Blomquist Garden. Words truly cannot express the beauty of these gardens.

11. Portland Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregan

Portland Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregan

If you are a fan of Japanese culture and architecture, this is one place you absolutely have to visit. The beauty of this garden is something that you can only comprehend if you visit it. It takes you away to a completely different time and place allowing you to experience the majesty and sheer beauty of traditional Japanese architecture and ambience. Cell phones have to be kept on silent when visiting the garden which makes it so much better.

The tranquil walkways contrasted with amazing colors, ponds filled with koi fishes, the cultural villages designed by world-famous architect Kengo Kuma all provide you with a breathtaking and life-changing experience. It is not just a garden filled with flowers and trees. It’s a portal to a distant culture and land where you can find yourself in harmony with nature and witness her creations in all its beauty and splendor.

12. San Francisco Botanical Garden

San Francisco Botanical Garden

San Francisco is well known for its insane weather shifts but what you might not know is that it has one of the most naturally diverse botanical gardens in the world. This 55-acre garden is home to more than 9000 different kinds of plants making it an ideal place to visit for flora lovers from all over the world.

From plants that exist in equatorial mountains, Native California redwoods to Chinese Magnolias, you can see them all at the San Francisco botanical garden. Moreover, you also get to visit wonderfully fragrant flower gardens and flora from all over the world. The Moon Viewing Garden is one that you absolutely must visit where you can gaze at the moon while being surrounded by stone pagodas from Japan and beautiful exotic plants.

13. Asticou Azalea Garden in Mount Desert, Maine

Asticou Azalea Garden in Mount Desert, Maine

If you ever wondered how spring would look like in heaven, then the Asticou Azalea Garden in Mount Desert, Maine is the place to visit. This garden is a bit different from others though as it’s a bit less accessible than most but it more than makes up for it with its dazzling beauty.

The inspiration behind its design is very interesting as it was created in 1956 by Charles K Savage who wanted a display area for his large Azalea collection. He had always been inspired by Japanese gardens and decided to make one that would fit into a Maine setting. What’s so wonderful about it is that it actually evolves and transforms throughout the year and provides a beautiful experience all year long.

14. Garden of Eden in Maui, Hawaii

Garden of Eden in Maui, Hawaii

With a name like Garden of Eden, this exotic garden is one that delivers on its name. Apart from being in gorgeous Hawaii, it features a lush tropical garden filled with palm trees, beautiful flowers and lush green foliage all overlooking the shimmering blue ocean.

With over 26 acres, there is plenty to explore and experience here. Each trail has been carefully designed to provide a one in a lifetime experience for visitors and it really shows. You also get to do wonderful activities like rappelling on a waterfall or visit one of the most beautiful art galleries in Maui. Truly a paradise on Earth.

15. Brookgreen Gardens in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Brookgreen Gardens in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Located south of Myrtle Beach, South Caroline, this gorgeous garden spans across 9127 acres preserving the natural and cultivated flora for people all around the world. Its main highlight is the Live Oak Allee where you can see 250-year-old Oak trees in all their grace and splendor. The garden is divided into four wings, with each one designed to delight you in ways you cannot imagine.

If you have children, you can take them to the Kitchen Garden. If you love to see roses and old graceful trees, then the Caroline Terrace Garden is the place to be. Apart from the Botanical Garden, you can also visit the Sculptures display which features the largest collection of American figurative sculptures set in a lush garden setting. Brookgreen Gardens also has its very own zoo inside where you can spend an entire day with the staff and learn everything you need to know about these majestic beasts.

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