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Best Flowering Plants for Patio Pots: Enhance Your Outdoor Décor



Best Flowering Plants For Patio Pots

Since plants are a wonderful way to add some warmth and life into just about any space, we have prepared a detailed list of best flowering plants for patio pots to help you spruce up your outdoor décor!

Given the current situation, in which we are all confined to the four walls of our homes, now seems to be the perfect time to look for that green thumb. However, in order to get started on this project of gardening, it is very important to do a little bit of research. Plundering headfirst into it might lead to quite a lot of experimenting. Therefore, to save you time and effort, here are the best flowering plants for patio pots that you can nurture:


Chamomile Flowers In Patio Pots

These beautifully petite flowers with white petals come in two varieties which are the German and the Roman. If your plan to plant these with the intention of drying them up and making the infamous tea with calming properties, then make sure you get the German variety.

Although the kind that is used for patios and balconies comes often as a container plant which is hardly about 9 inches in height, it has the potential to grow quite a bit. The flowers themselves resemble daisies and their diameter extends about an inch.

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies In Patio Pots

Hailing from the mystical marshlands of South Africa, Calla lily flowers come in many different colors such as pink, orange, red or white. Even the accompanying foliage shows particular character, as it is heart shaped and it can be variegated with spots that are white in color.

The flowers are often used in wedding ceremonies or for Easter and have the ability to last quite a long time on display, without wilting. While the original tree is quite tall, growing up to 2 feet tall, the flower also comes in miniature specie that can be kept pretty easily on patios. In particular, Calla lilies in white have a waxy appearance, along with graceful twists and curls that are very appealing.


Celosia Blossoms In Patio Pots

One thing about the Celosia flowers that is very appealing is the fact that they can bloom for up to 10 weeks. While other flowers are long gone in this time frame, Celosia flowers will still be around in all their glory, bringing life into your patio with its beautiful pink, purple, red, gold or multicolored blooms.

Interestingly, the name Celosia, comes from the Greek language meaning burning, as these flowers blooming close to each other look a lot like fire. Each blossom of Celosia is actually made up of a large number of smaller flowers, and they look absolutely marvelous in vases, so you can bring all that beauty right into your home. You can even make your special someone’s’ day with a bouquet of these beautiful flowers.


Chrysanthemums In Patio Pots

Chrysanthemums have gained quite a wonderful reputation for themselves, and rightly so, for the flowers are definitely a sight for sore eyes. The plant is very much suitable for being planted in a pot and put out on your patio.

However, there is something you need to pay attention to if you’re looking to get some chrysanthemums. They come in two main varieties, the hardy chrysanthemum flowers and the florist chrysanthemums. The former is suitable for those who reside in cooler locations, while the latter demand more attention.

The florist chrysanthemums produce flowers that are absolutely glorious, but this does come with a price to pay. They require more care as they are much more delicate than their hardy counterparts. While other plants wilt and shed in the fall, late-blooming chrysanthemums continue to impart cheer with their flowers, all the way up to winters.


Marigolds In Patio Pots

Marigolds are really perfect in that they hold the ability to attract beautiful, fluttering butterflies but ward off other insects which aren’t desirable due to the pungent odor that they emanate.

They can be planted together with tomato, chili pepper, potato or eggplant, as they keep away insects which can cause harm to them. Marigolds bloom in striking gold, yellow or orange colors and need either partial or complete sunlight to grow well.


Daffodils In Patio Pots

There is a reason after all that poets have even written poems about this particular flowering plant. Daffodils are ideal flowering plants to be placed in the patio. The typical flower is shaped a lot like a trumpet, which is surrounded by six beautiful floral leaves.

While the outer three of these are called sepals, the inner three are petals. There is a lot that can be said about the perfect symmetry nature has bestowed upon the flower in lieu of the distribution of the floral leaves. The flowers come in either yellow, or white or sometimes even a mixture of the two.

As if the symmetry and the alluring colors weren’t enough, daffodils also have a smell which is pleasantly sweet, lending even more charm to this plant. Although they generally flower in spring only, the daffodil also has varieties which can flower in autumn.


Dahlias In Patio Pots

Dahlias, one of the best flowering plants for patio pots can please just about anyone with its wide range of varieties available. Literally every gardener can find something just right for them! Dahlias come in all colors of the spectrum, except for blue. This is quite interesting, as there have even been instances in which prize money was offered to the person who could succeed in growing a blue dahlia.

The feat hasn’t been accomplished to date, leaving gardeners wondering what it is about the color blue which just doesn’t sit right with this particular plant. For patios and balconies, it would be wise to acquire the dwarf variety of the Dahlia plant and house it in a container which is at least 1 by 1 foot in dimensions.


Daisies In Patio Pots

Those enchanting little white flowers that you see in flower arrangements frequently are called daisies. These white-petaled beauties are very well suited to be planted and grown in containers and are thus ideal for patios. Daisies do very well for being planted in patios as the plant is small, growing to only about 6 inches tall.

Daisies bloom in the time period from late spring to early autumn, bringing smiles to faces when many other varieties have already long gone. They are also very easy to care for, so those with very busy schedules too can easily enjoy these flowering plants. While most popularly known for the white petals with a yellow center, daisies also come in color variations ranging from a light pink shade to a dark purplish-red color.


Dianthus In Patio Pots

If you’re looking to introduce a splash of vibrancy and vivid brightness to your patio or balcony, Dianthus is the way to go. The plant ranges in height from as little as 6 inches to as tall as 3 feet. One of the main reasons why Dianthus flowers are great for patios is because they come in quite a wide range of colors, which means everyone can find something they like.

They come in many different colors such as white, purple, red, pink and sometimes even yellow; all color variations are chock-full of bright colors. We personally really enjoy the unique markings of the Dianthus flower, with petals shaped in a manner quite different from any other flower, and color patterns that seem as if a talented artist did their very best. They are truly gorgeous flowers and are sure to infuse a sense of life and vitality in whatever space they are planted in.


Azaleas In Patio Pots

Azaleas are brushes which bear flowers in the summer and they are a sight to see! Although the plant can grow into quite a large bush, Azaleas can also be grown by pruning in the form of a smaller flowering tree that would look gorgeous sitting on your patio. The plus point is that they have many different species so you can find the color and shape of flower that strikes your fancy.


Foxgloves In Patio Pots

While some flowering plants help in bringing the feeling of the outdoors to the patio, the foxglove does a lot more than that. The plant grows in a manner unlike other plants in the form of a cascade of eye-catching flowers shaped very much like trumpets.

Even the colors that these flowers come in are quite unique and elegant ranging from purple, to gray to white. Very few flowers that we have seen so far come in colors such as grey and this itself makes the plant very distinct. These rosettes in full bloom are picturesque and charming, almost to a fault.

However, in order to grow these flowers make sure you have a space which exposes the plant either to partial sun only or a completely shaded area in order to provide the optimum conditions for growth. The more dramatic version of it can grow to a height of 3 to 5 feet, and comes with the added advantage of being able to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.


Orchids In Patio Pots

Although orchids are flowers that many people adore, a lot of their variations demand such a high level of care that they are almost impossible to care for and grow. However, moth orchids can be grown comparatively easily. However, even the easier varieties require a different care mechanism than other plants. Therefore, only those who can give proper time and attention to these flowers should bring them home.


Geraniums In Patio Pots

A patio or balcony garden would really be incomplete if it didn’t include these endearing flowers. Blooming from mid-spring to early fall, geraniums grow in clusters which are as wide as 4 to 5 inches. They also come in many different colors such as white, red or purple.

The veins in their petals are so perfectly placed; it feels as if someone has sketched them on with the utmost care and attention. Geraniums need full sun for optimum growth so it would do well to keep that in mind when placing this particular flowering plant.


Impatiens In Patio Pots

Impatiens flowers need quite a lot of sunlight in order to grow properly. Therefore, those of you who have patios which get considerable amount of sunlight can easily grow these flowers. It would also do well to remember that with added sunlight the flowers will also need increased water.

For the Impatiens flowering plants, the soil should be kept moist consistently, so you will also need to pay special attention to the watering requirements of this plant if you want those scenic flowers to bloom. Add some slow-releasing fertilizer to the potting soil and you’re good to go!

One more thing you need to know is that impatiens has a lot of foliage, and comparatively lesser amount of flowers. While the brightly colored flowers strike a perfect balance with the greens, if you’re someone who likes more flowers, this may not be the plant for you.


Lavender In Patio Pots

The lavender plant blooms flowers in a color which is a striking culmination of blue and purple, really unlike any other flower. These flowers are aromatic and grow in vertical clusters so they are a great way to add height to your collection of plants on the patio.

While they look really amazing just about anywhere, it is especially beneficial to plant them with vegetables and herbs as they help to attract useful insects such as bees and butterflies.

Growing flowers and plants requires quite a bit of time and effort. When you bring home a plant, remember that you are bringing home something living. Therefore, be prepared to devote a portion of your day to the plants. They are after all, your responsibility.

Building a greener outdoor environment is definitely a great idea, as they elevate mood and are generally quite appeasing to look at. It is a satisfying and rewarding hobby for sure! Oh, did we also mention that lavender can be used to repel mosquitoes? Yup, this plant is incredibly multi-functional. So use the aforementioned list of best flowering plants for patio pots and get started right away!

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