18 Best Garden Lighting Ideas that You Can Use

Best Garden Lighting Ideas that You Can Use

When it is about setting the perfect mood, the lighting becomes the most important feature of all. And if you are talking about your outdoors or your gardens, some usage of lights can certainly help. Though your backyards and gardens are best lit with natural light – sunshine and moonlight, but some meticulously used lighting ideas can help you create that perfect mood and ambiance. Not only do they help you achieve that aesthetic look and feel, but the use of lights can also help you meet your functional needs as well.

To help you further here we have listed the best Garden lighting ideas that you can use to make your gardens and open spaces look beautiful and lively even through those starry evenings and nights. We have grouped these garden lighting ideas as Classic, Stylish, and Artistic, for better use and navigation.

Classic Lights

These lamps are usually found in most gardens around the world. And there is a reason why they are so popular – they are affordable, easily available and provide a stable and good source of light. These lights are available in all types of models – Electric, Battery-powered, and solar.

1. Spot Lights (Garden) – These are the cheapest and easily available type of lights that are used in gardens. They are used as the standard lighting option and most garden lighting purposes. They are popular for the stable and reliable source of light they are. They are usually used for lighting the garden walls and trees and other massive and tall structures around your garden. They are however not that good for lighting small areas or areas where you like to rest as you can be exposed to strong direct light that can be harmful to you.

Spot Lights Garden Lighting Ideas

2. Solar Lamps – Imagine your garden walkways illuminated with a row of small solar lamp posts – the classic looking lamp posts that lend your gardens the look and feel that you always wanted. The best part about these lights is the easy installation – dig and stick the posts in the soil along the walkway. The lamps take care of themselves, they are self-charging and they turn on and off as the outdoor lighting changes when its daylight or when someone comes near the lamp depending upon the sensor that is installed in your lamps.

Solar Lamp Garden Lighting Ideas

3. Bollard Lights – These lights are taller than the spike lights along the walkway and are more powerful. That is why these lights are suitable for larger open spaces, driveways, and lawns. These lights are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and regimens. They can either be battery or solar-powered and may even come in electric variants. They are like the mini street lights that light up your garden walkways.

Bollard Garden Lighting Ideas

4. In-Ground Lights – These lights are getting increasingly popular given the ease of installation. They are installed in small holes dug out along your walkways or different areas beneath trees and areas you wish to be illuminated which throw the light from the ground upwards. These lights however can get pretty annoying as they can be very bright thereby decreasing the ambient effect of these lights. This issue can however be overcome with proper use of available vegetation and trees around so that the light can be diffused a bit thereby giving you the desired ambiance and effect.

In Ground Garden Lighting Ideas

5. Garden Staircase Lights – You can use these for your garden stairs that illuminate almost all of your garden spaces pretty well. This not only solves the purpose of aesthetics it makes your staircases pretty safe after dark. These lights can fit into any type of garden space and they emit the lights in a focus area and where it is needed. Use these for the beautification of your gardens and lawns and more.

Staircase Garden Lighting Ideas

6. Small Spike Lights amidst Bushes and Plants – You can use some of these lights to create an ambient lighting effect in your garden. You may want to have one installed as a hidden lamp between your precious plants to flaunt your plants without the light drawing much attention towards itself. These spike lamps come clean when it comes to creating that bright light blinding effect in your mind – these are gentle to the eyes as the small lid above them do not let the lights directly fall into your eyes. These lamps are the ideal hidden lamps that you can hide amidst your garden bushes and plants thereby illuminating the vegetation without people getting to know the light source.

Small Spike Garden Lighting Ideas

Stylish Lights

These lights are meant for those who feel that lights are meant for more than mere illumination. These are for people who prefer the lamps to be a decorative object and are always willing to pay more for what they desire.

Let us explore these lights one after the other.

7. String Lamps across a classic Rustic Fence – String lights are the new normal in garden decorations and outdoor lighting. The smoothness and symmetric appearance of the light string contrast the rugged and rough wooden fencing thereby creating an interesting combination that appeals to the onlooker. This is a classic blend of modern and vintage and an idea that is timeless. However, these tungsten filament bulbs can be bright and uneasy to the eyes and so you can choose white lights to overcome it.

String Lamps Garden Lighting Ideas

8. Firefly Light Strings across Garden trees and plants – This idea when actually executed looks as exciting as it sounds. This is one of the tried and tested ways of decorating your open spaces. The idea is to use a string of small lights and run it across trees large and small in your garden. These look like fireflies when rows of all sorts of lights are wrapped around the tree trunks and canopies thereby creating magical fireflies kind of look and feel in your garden.

Firefly Garden Lighting Ideas

9. Paper Lanterns – Though these are not for permanent lighting purposes in your garden, they look great during events and parties that you wish to hold in your gardens and lawn areas. They lend your garden a very warm feeling and remind us of joyful times of good life and celebrations. They easily fit wherever you want in your garden regardless of the arrangement you want them to be in and that’s the advantage of using them. However, it must not be a rainy day if you wish to use these and that is a pretty big disadvantage. Nevertheless, it still is one of the best decorative lighting ideas and hence is very popular.

Paper Lantern Garden Lighting Ideas

10. Tiki Torches (Bamboo & Metal) – This is one of those unconventional lighting ideas when it comes to garden lighting for those special events and parties. These are cheap and can be easily obtained from any of the garden centers. You can use them to light up the dark areas of your garden thereby achieving the required lighting and bringing in some tropical ambient effect in the look and feel of your garden. Since these torches feature an open flame be careful to keep it out of reach of children and pets. Ensure that safety in no way is compromised.

Tiki Torche Garden Lighting Ideas

11. Decorative Lamps – You can opt for those beautiful garden lamps that are like a standalone masterpiece and not just lights in your garden. Consider having these two light balls between a tree right on the ground or amidst your plants. They not only illuminate your garden they lend your space the beauty it deserves. Use a combination of these decorative balls of lights scattered over your garden. Choose your placements wisely for best results probably in between your trees to illuminate the entire space.

Decorative Garden Lighting Ideas

12. Vintage Garden Lanterns – Consider hanging a few of these old-style lanterns on porches and places across the garden. These vintage lanterns lend an old and rustic look along with the modern lighting of your garden. Keep in mind that the vintage lamps make use of oil while many modern variants are either battery-powered or even solar but look perfectly vintage. Choose your variant based on what you need in your garden.

Vintage Garden Lighting Ideas

13. Garden Lamps with Different Shapes – You can use lights of different shapes and sizes along your garden walkways and in between your plants and trees thereby creating a perfect lighting effect, You get cube-shaped lights, light spheres, square, square with patterns, etc that can be used based on the lighting effect you desire. These lights are worthy of being put at a special and higher place in your garden to attract your visitor’s attention and curiosity.

Shaped Garden Lighting Ideas

14. Romantic Candles and String Lighting – This seems to be a perfect lighting idea for that ideal date night or wedding where you wish to create a romantic set up. The idea is to create a backdrop with a string of glowing white lights along with vintage-styled candle lanterns hanging across the trees in your garden. During the day the candles continue to impress and after dark, they create the magic with all the illumination they fill your garden atmosphere with.

Romantic Candles Garden Lighting Ideas

With that, we come to an end of Stylish lighting ideas. You can also use some more stylish lighting ideas that are suitable for your needs.

Let us now have a look at some Artistic garden lamp Ideas as well.

Artistic Lights

The lights in this category are of varying designs and types with one common aspect – that is their distinguished look. You can either opt for lights that can be made at home or commercially available artistic lights, they will never fail to impress. They are sure to bring in a fresh feel of originality in your gardens.

15. Glass Bottle Lights – This is an exciting lighting idea using old multi-colored glass bottles. Obtain the hue and color you need and get that repurposed into a garden light to give your garden and your backyard an enchanting effect. You can make them as hanging holders that can hold candles or convert them into electric bulb lamps – the choice is yours. Here’s a short tutorial on converting wine bottles into garden lamps.

Glass Bottle Garden Lighting Ideas

16. Multi-Colored Hanging Lights – If you are looking for a modern and a look and feel that attracts every visitor’s attention you can opt for this lighting idea. You can hang lamps of various colors and hues over your garden thereby covering it in entirety with the magic of colorful lighting. You may also include hanging lights against a backdrop that you think can be appealing and attractive.

Multi Coloured Garden Lighting Ideas

17. Clay Lamps – Clay is often to be an outdated material to manufacture lights and materials. However, lights that are both beautiful and functional can be made out of clay. The craft market is full of such masterpieces that can prove to be the center of attraction in your garden. So, if you are someone who is more concerned about a lamp’s aesthetic appearance than functionality, clay lamps should be your obvious choice.

Clay Garden Lighting Ideas

18. Outdoor Chandeliers – Chandeliers since the olden have been the ultimate decorative lighting option. They epitomize luxury and add an exquisite look to your place and spaces where they are used. You shall not be surprised to know that you can also opt for chandeliers that can be used outdoors in your gardens thereby giving your garden the ambiance that you always wanted. Now never miss a chance to impress your guests with this artistic piece of lighting in your garden.

Outdoor Chandelier Garden Lighting Ideas

Though we have specially handpicked these garden lighting ideas for you, you can always lookout for more ideas on garden lighting as the list never ends.


To conclude if you have always thought of lights to be used for purely functional purposes, using some in your gardens can truly transform the look and appearances. Make use of these ideas to create a garden that you always dreamt of. Light it up and make it come alive.