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15 Outdoor Barbeque Area Ideas to Add a Wow Factor to Your Outdoors!



Patio Garden Barbeque Area

If you love having your friends and family over to enjoy intimate gatherings outside your home, these outdoor barbeque area ideas are sure to help you add a wow factor to your patio or backyard. All you need to do is create a dining space and find an ideal spot to install your grill where you can avoid excessive sunlight or rain.

While some individuals prefer a small old-fashioned manual grill in their outdoor barbeque area, others prefer a mini or a full-sized outdoor kitchen that includes a grill, a sink, an oven, some cooking countertops and sufficient storage space. Whatever you have in mind for your outdoor barbeque area upgrade, we have got something better for you. Get inspired by all the incredible ideas given below!

Barbeque Area with Fireplace and Wood Furniture

Barbeque Area With Fireplace And Wood Furniture

Fireplaces and stoves give warm and peaceful vibes to any outdoor space. If you don’t wish to install a separate barbeque grill, you can always use the fireplace as an alternative stone grill to enjoy barbeques with your friends and family and make the most of your outdoor living space!

The beautiful outdoor furniture offers additional space to rest while you cook and have fun with your loved ones. While having the fireplace installed, it is essential that you select an ideal location. The fireplace or chimney shouldn’t be surrounded by a lot of foliage and located close to the house, since the sparks from the barbeque could cause you more harm than good.

Close Barbeque Area

Close Barbeque Area

Even if your outdoor area isn’t extremely spacious, you don’t need to sacrifice your desire to have barbeques in your patio. One small, round table with sturdy chairs and a cooking grill nearby are sufficient to enjoy freshly grilled, hot meals during cold seasons. The private screen completes the look as you can do your meal prep and all the cooking with ease and comfort.

A simple charcoal grill like this is a must-have for confined spaces such as townhouse patios and apartment balconies. This classic grill design is very easy-to-use and also helps cook food to perfection. This excellent minimalist design offers an ideal place to set your grill and consume tasty meals while playing an exciting game of poker.

Tranquil Barbeque Patio Area

Tranquil Barbeque Patio Area

While there is a wide range of appliances and furniture available nowadays for outdoor use, creating a space like this is simpler than you think. This patio barbeque area has everything you need to have excellent conversation with your loved ones or simply sit around with a drink in hand and relax. The large pebbles add to the beauty of the grill.

This tranquil barbeque patio offers a warm, inviting outdoor space to cook and entertain while staying in the comfort of your home. The tall privacy screen helps block out the sites and noise of a busy surrounding and provides you with a personal, comfy space you can call your own.

Concrete Floor Barbeque Area


The architect of this concrete floor barbeque area design portrayed in the picture mimicked the standing structure of a small shelter house to provide a peaceful, homey feel to the outdoor spot. With space to have a barbeque on one side of the pool and a little shaded area to relax on the other side, this is a location anyone would want to gather at.

Never underestimate the peaceful and welcoming nature of the unruffled, cool and clear pool water when transitioning from an indoor space to the outdoors. Relaxation and easy cooking under the beautiful sky awaits you!

Backyard Barbeque Pavilion with Pergola

Backyard Barbeque Pavilion With Pergola

This backyard barbeque pavilion with pergola isn’t just a traditional thing anymore. It offers protection, a sturdy structure to your outdoor barbeque area and is very stylish to boot. The simple features of this patio corner are both inviting and relaxing.

This landscape offers a place to cool off, relax and enjoy a delicious, freshly-cooked meal with family and friends. The gorgeous hanging planters are a nice touch and create a tranquil atmosphere. The simple outdoor wood furniture completes the look.

Patio Garden Barbeque Area

Patio Garden Barbeque Area

While this patio garden barbeque area looks quite intimidating to build, the frames can be easily installed with some professional help. Paint the frames with any color of your choice and create a cluttered look with vibrant foliage. The greenery also offers shade from the scorching sun and makes the area look more alive!

Even though located outside the house, this bold walkthrough barbeque area will be the highlight of your space. Grow fragrant herbs and stunning flowers that are known to thrive all year long and enjoy a barbeque spot that not only offers a private space for entertainment but also provides fresh aromas, and a beautiful landscape to ease the mind.

Shaded Outdoor Barbeque Area

Shaded Outdoor Barbeque Area

This shaded outdoor barbeque area idea allows you to create your personal poolside oasis with a comfy extended living space. This outdoor living area provides a spacious place to sit and relax or enjoy a breezy walk. The grill is placed ideally, enabling you to watch your children swim while you prepare a delicious dinner for them.

It’s best to place the barbeque grill to face out to the busy entertaining area so that the cook can also indulge in fun chats and laughter! Further, decorating the area with lighting is a great way to optimize it. As the evening will deepen, the draping lights will help bridge the space between the pool and the cooking area.

Comfy Living Area with Barbeque Grill

Comfy Living Area With Barbeque Grill

Extend your indoor living area with an authentic outdoor room that not only appears elegant and classy but also includes everything you need to have a great time with your loved ones. The airy privacy screen ensures a comfy environment. Since these outdoor barbeque area ideas are subject to change, you can even completely close off the space if you are looking for more intimate feels.

The large sliding doors that lead to your indoor living room can help open up your indoor space as well as provide a wider appearance to the small barbeque area. You can also have the cooking area tucked into the corner wall to keep it from taking a lot of space!

Barbeque Area by the Pool

Barbeque Area By The Pool

Take complete advantage of all of your landscaping if you have a huge outdoor space. Place your grill in a corner where you can easily become part of the entertainment.

Along with the gorgeous furniture under the shelter house structure, you can also have lounge chairs installed near the pool to enjoy your barbeque while looking at the clear, blue waters of the pool, have a peaceful time under the stars during nighttime or simply soak in the sun during the day!

Compact Barbeque Area

Compact Barbeque Area

Even if you don’t own a property that is suitable for adding a true outdoor kitchen extension, you can always work with a compact design. This minimalist barbeque area with a shady nook nearby is ideal for individuals who don’t like to indulge in conversations while they cook.

To make this design even more compact, you can have a built-in grill installed so that it remains out of the way while being easily accessible. Benefit from some privacy while you cook and once you are done, move to the shaded sitting area to enjoy your barbeque to the fullest.

Barbeque Area with Entertaining Center

Barbeque Area With Entertaining Center

The addition of huge transparent sliding doors can make your outdoors a part of the indoors and vice versa with very little effort. You can easily bring the entertainment of your property into your outdoor living area and the peace and quiet of the outdoors to the indoor lounge with simple architectural approaches.

The simple combination of a casual sitting area and an elegant TV lounge allows for easy chatter and the kitchen in the background equipped with essentials such as a fridge keeps cold beverages at hand while your prepare your barbeque masterpiece!

Modern Barbeque Area

Modern Barbeque Area

A lot of suburban houses come with a gorgeous narrow side yard that can become the highlight of the property. However, these little nooks are often overlooked. This barbeque area will allow you to turn an old-fashioned corner of your house into a modern barbeque spot.

Find the most unexplored territory of your house that would go to waste otherwise and try to make the most of it by installing advanced kitchen equipment and growing beautiful plants in the area. The narrow yard will not only offer you the privacy people are usually looking for but you can simply enjoy an outdoorsy feel while remaining in the safety and comfort of your home!

Roof Top Barbeque Area

Roof Top Barbeque Area

Even if you don’t have a huge patio or backyard, that doesn’t mean that you to settle for a dull and boring barbeque space. You can utilize your balcony or terrace and take complete advantage of the elevated views. Add some comfy lounge chairs to create a relaxing space where you can unwind after a long day at work.

Add the grilling equipment of your choice and some fancy outdoor furniture to enjoy a peaceful and welcoming experience. Add some gorgeous planters to the space to upgrade its appearance. Make sure to place the plants away from the grill to avoid any fire accidents!

Cozy Barbeque Area with Wicker Furniture

Cozy Barbeque Area With Wicker Furniture

When creating an outdoor barbeque area, remember that your choice of lighting can influence the usage of your grilling spot. Your main goal should be installing simple spotlights in such a way that they perfectly highlight the areas that you need to see in order to prepare your barbeque.

While outdoor spaces are often compact and confined, that doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice décor and comfort. This gorgeous dark-colored deck can be an excellent choice to add a bit of luxury to your barbeque spot.

Dry Stone Barbeque Area

Dry Stone Barbeque Area

This simple but stunning deck allows the rest of the décor in your outdoor barbeque area to be highlighted to perfection. Every time you gather some friends in this corner, each detail is sure to grab their attention. While the fireplace works as an open cooking area, allowing easy conversation, you can also have a separate grill installed to enjoy a safer experience with your loved ones!

We hope that with all the incredibly creative outdoor barbeque area ideas in this guide, you found something worth your while. Spruce-up your outdoor space with one of the aforementioned ideas and get grilling right away!

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