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Outdoor Rattan Furniture Ideas | Making Outdoor Spaces More Functional



Outdoor Rattan Furniture Ideas

Outdoor rattan furniture ideas are designed to inspire you to create a space that is more functional and aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t matter if you have a pool area, garden, patio, or balcony to improve, rattan furniture is the best solution for you.

Rattan furniture looks eye-catching and unique as outdoor furniture. It has many benefits that make it perfect for outdoor spaces. Here are some basic benefits that will make you excited about owning outdoor rattan furniture:

  • It is weather-resistant, even to UV light that causes other furniture severe wear
  • It is easy to clean and quite low maintenance
  • Robust, durable, and hardy
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect with waterproof cushions for outdoor spaces
  • Flexible material that aids with durability, making it a naturally supportive and comfortable
  • Affordable and luxurious at the same time

Now that you know more about this type of furniture, we can move onto some outdoor rattan furniture ideas so that you can create an amazing outdoor space.

Unique Rattan Sofas

Round Rattan Sofa

Rattan furniture comes in all sorts of fantastic designs that look superb in any outdoor space. One such example is a rounded sofa where you can lie back and relax. It is the perfect place for sunbathing since you can stretch out on the sofa, have back support, and get an even tan. Reading a book or listening to music while lounging on rounded rattan sofas can be the best thing about your garden. You can even cuddle with your partner on the sofa under the stars and share stories about how your day went.

Lounge Chaise Chairs

Pool Lounge Chairs

The most important thing about buying outdoor furniture for the pool area is that it should be easy to care for. You should reserve most of your time near the pool enjoying yourself rather than maintaining the furniture. Rattan furniture is the best for this since it is weather-resistant and doesn’t sustain any impact from a few splashes of water. It should also be comfortable and supportive since lounging after a dip in the pool to soak up the sun is definitely something everyone loves to do.

Hanging Chairs

Hanging Chairs In The Garden

Hanging chairs in the garden during the warm months are seriously the best. They bring a joyful holiday vibe with them to any outdoor space and are considered the most relaxing out of all garden furniture. The hanging seat for the garden is one that has a sturdy build with ample seating space to lounge in comfort.

After a long day at work, the feeling of kicking back in a hanging chair in the fresh air with a cup of tea can be unmatched. If you don’t have a sturdy tree or structure to hang it from, you can always get hanging chairs that come with their own support.

Covered Lounge Sofa

Covered Lounge Sofa

Sometimes you don’t want the sun in your eyes as you are trying to relax. There are many unique rattan sofas that come with their own shade. You can stuff them full with cozy pillows and cushions, making them the perfect place to lounge in.

The unique design also makes the furniture stand out in the outdoor space. You can choose from many sleek and sophisticated options to make sure that your outdoor space matches your indoor aesthetic.

Rattan Tables

Rattan Tables For The Outdoors

Rattan tables can be a unique touch since they add some texture and color to the outdoor spaces. They come in many designs that you can choose from. They are a great place to add some knick-knacks or beautiful, colorful vases to brighten up the space.

Keep It Classic

Outdoor Classic Rattan Furniture

All these unique outdoor rattan furniture ideas can be appealing to many, but a lot of people may want to keep their outdoor furniture classic. Outdoor furniture made from rattan materials comes in all sorts of designs. You can choose a simple sofa set and accessorize it with warm and inviting pillows, throws, blankets, and footrests. Using simple décor, you can make the rattan furniture stand out while looking nice. It is an affordable solution to having a comfortable outdoor space.

Beachfront Rattan Furniture

Rattan Armchairs With A Sea View

If you have a beachfront home, you need some sandy neutral tones to complete the view. Rattan furniture often comes in the best colors that don’t take away from the ocean view but only add to it. You can deck the table with sea glass, shells, and driftwood all arranged into a beautiful bowl. Since rattan furniture is weather-resistant, it is the perfect choice for beachfront outdoor furniture. It has a long lifespan, so you don’t have to worry about furniture degradation.

Jazzing It Up With the Décor

Garden Rattan Furniture With Jazzy Decor

Some people complain that rattan furniture can be quite plain; however, that couldn’t be further from the truth! These outdoor rattan furniture ideas are designed to show you that there are many ways to make the outdoor area look attractive. Rattan furniture comes in all sorts of colors that go well with pretty much any décor you choose. You can focus on getting colorful accessories for the table that look great with the furniture aesthetic.

Wooden Table with Rattan Armchairs

Wooden Table With Rattan Armchairs

Rattan furniture tends to have a certain texture that looks outstanding. Pairing it with the texture and aged look of rustic wooden tables can be a pair made in heaven. A lot of people don’t prefer having rattan on rattan when it comes to the tables and chairs. For such people, using wood to spruce up the place and make it look sleeker can be a great option.

Rattan Poufs

Rattan Pouf For Patios

Poufs are amazing floor cushions that have multiple purposes. You can use them as a visual focal point, a footrest, or even an extra seat. Poufs can even be used in place of a side table to place your snacks, small objects, plants, or books. You can even use multiple poufs instead of going for a traditional table.

Rattan poufs fare well under all sorts of weather and add a level of versatile comfort that a lot of furniture items may not be able to.

Single Chairs

Single Chair Made Of Rattan

If you don’t want to crowd your balcony or deck too much, the best thing you can do is get a single chair where you can sit and enjoy the view. It works very well for people who love having coffee or reading out in the fresh air. If you want to soak up some warm sun, it is the best place to lounge.

Rattan Outdoor Dining Area

Rattan Outdoor Dining Area

Rattan furniture can create an amazing, cozy outdoor area with a grill. This dining area where you can pick out freshly made steaks or burgers from the grill can be great. Since rattan furniture is pretty easy to clean, you don’t need to worry about spills either! Cooking in the fresh air can be great and take some pressure off the kitchen during the holidays.

Rattan Chair with Foot Rest

Rattan Chair With A Foot Rest

After a long day at work, what can be better than putting up your feet out on the patio in the fresh air? The rattan chair with footrest serves as the perfect relaxing element that will become a crucial part of your day. Since rattan furniture can last for a long time, you can always rely on the patio chair for comfort and relaxation.

Glass Tables with Rattan Sofas

Outdoor Balcony Rattan Chair

Glass tables are also a great option to have out in the garden since they are pretty sturdy and weather-resistant. Entertaining your friends and family out on the patio can be even easier when you have attractive rattan furniture paired with a nice glass table. The glass table can add a sophisticated touch, making it the perfect place to call your colleagues too.

Minimalistic Rattan Set

Minimalistic Rattan Furniture

Even if you don’t have a lot of outdoor space, there are still many outdoor rattan furniture ideas that can inspire you. You can choose simple, small furniture for outdoor space. You don’t need to get whole furniture set since rattan furniture has a very nice faded, rustic aesthetic. Even a simple set of chairs with a nice table can look great in the garden. It doesn’t even require a big budget to amplify your outdoor space and make it more functional.

Balcony Rattan Furniture

Rattan Furniture On The Balcony

Rattan outdoor furniture can be an elegant option for the balcony. By choosing the right rattan set and pairing it with bright pillows, the space can really come alive. The brown tones of the rattan furniture go really well with balcony plants as well. The plants can make the air quality better, and the balcony will turn into the perfect place to get some fresh air.


These outdoor rattan furniture ideas are designed to inspire you to alleviate your outdoor space. As you can see, rattan furniture is quite versatile and comes in all sorts of designs and shapes. You can choose the size and color according to your personal needs. There are many ways to decorate your outdoor space so that it is more practical, functional, and all-around looks great!

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