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22 Planter Box Ideas – Flowers and Shrubs to Spruce Up Your Décor



Planter Box Ideas Flowers And Shrubs

Just as fancy throw pillows and antique showpieces allow you to beautify your décor, these 22 planter box ideas with flowers and shrubs will not only help you spruce up your interior décor but also add a finishing touch to your beautiful lawn. So, let’s get started right away!

Clay Planter Box

Clay Planter Box Idea

To make a clay planter box, you’ll require some porcelain paint, paintbrushes, clear gaze, porcelain paint, a knife, water, any succulents of your choice and of course polymer clay. Remember, succulents have very specific maintenance needs.

It is important that you give them the necessary light, understand their water needs and don’t overcrowd them! Decorate your planter box with some elegant white pebbles to complete the look.

Classic Wooden Planter Box

Classic Wooden Planter Box Idea

If you are looking to experience and enjoy the freshness and flavor of home-grown veggies, growing them in a classic wooden box is an ideal choice. While most vegetables thrive in containers, they are quite fussy about the environment they receive.

Therefore, make sure there are enough drainage holes in your box, your wood isn’t treated, and the box isn’t porous. Some of the best vegetables to grow in planter boxes include beans, tomatoes, peppers, chilies, lettuce, Asian greens, radishes, peas, spinach, cucumbers and carrots.

Personalized Planter Box

Personalized Planter Box Idea

A personalized planter box with a choice of your favorite flowers can help you add a little more flair to the table. You can either construct your own or buy one and have it customized as per your personal preference. Use transparent planter boxes and decorate them with beautiful red and white primroses or elegant succulents.

Daisy Window Box

Daisy Window Box Idea

Planter box ideas with flowers and shrubs are all about bringing beauty to your home. This metal planter pot with a gorgeous white grill that accentuates its beauty is a perfect addition to any windowsill. The cheerful yellow and white daisies are classic perennials and they tend to bloom in clumps, making them an ideal choice for your planter box.

The glossy dark leaves compliment the white box perfectly. While common daisies are generally low maintenance, some of the species that may prove to be troublesome include leaf spots, chrysanthemum, earwigs, slugs and aphids.

DIY Concrete Planter Box

DIY Concrete Planter Box Idea

A DIY concrete planter box is extremely easy to make – even without a mold. All you need is some concrete mix, a cardboard box, a bucket, some weights or rocks, and duct tape. Line the cardboard with duct tape so that it doesn’t soak all the moisture from the concrete mix.

Pour in some of the prepared concrete mix, place the bucket with rocks over it and continue adding the mix. Let it cure for about 4 days. Finally spray paint your planter box with a beautiful shade of gold and add any succulents of your choice while providing them with their required needs.

Brick Stacker Planter Box

Brick Stacker Planter Box Idea

A brick planter box can help you breathe new life into your indoors as well as outdoors! Add some cheerful flowers and shrubs to your planter to brighten up any dull areas.

Since bricks are strong, durable, and they don’t decay, so your planter box will stand the test of time. Moreover, if you decorate it with low-maintenance flowers, you will be able to enjoy your beauty box almost effortlessly!

Miniature Planter Box

Miniature Planter Box Idea

If you are worried about the maintenance needs of your plants, you can opt for faux succulents instead! Go for a miniature planter box. You can either get one online or at a local plant store, or you can make your own.

Use old coasters or floppy disks to create a stylish mini piece for your office desk. This planter box will allow you to brighten up your workstation without any hassle.

Centerpiece Planter Box

Centerpiece Planter Box Idea

If you desire to brighten up your indoors, this centerpiece planter box with vibrant orange roses is the way to go!

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on this idea, you can make this box using clay or concrete mix and paint it with your choice of elegant colors. If you decide to put real flowers and shrubs in this bowl-shaped planter box, make sure the box has sufficient drainage holes.

Disposable Container Planter Box

Disposable Container Planter Box Idea

We all have disposable plastic containers lying around our houses. You can recycle any galvanized plastic bucket, tub or box into a beautiful window box planter.

All you need to do is drill some drainage holes into its bottom and fill the container with soil and fresh herbs like mint, parsley, basil and oregano so that you always have essential edibles available for your kitchen!

Rustic Planter Box

Rustic Planter Box Idea

You can buy a beautiful rustic wooden planter box, as shown in the picture and use it in all its vintage glory or give it a colorful upgrade by painting the wood shims with bold, vivid shades.

You can even enhance the rustic weathered look of this box by painting it with a pastel color and leaving some of the original texture exposed. Decorate the planter with succulents or aromatic herbs of your choice!

Striped Wood Planter Box

Striped Wood Planter Box Idea

If you love the appearance of window planter boxes but are hesitant when it comes to drilling holes into the exterior of your home, this striped wood planter stand is the ideal DIY project for you.

This planter box uses sturdy rocks as legs, and it can be simply placed at any location you like (even the bathroom). Pack the box with green leafy plants and little scarlet red and bright orange blossoms to add some color and style to it!

Vibrant Cardboard Planter Box

Vibrant Cardboard Planter Box Idea

Your indoor space will look as pretty as a picture with these cardboard planter boxes packed with vibrant greens. Take any old carton boxes and spray them dark brown or beige to give them an elegant finishing touch.

Since cardboard tends to absorb moisture, it might be best to line it with duct tape before adding soil and actual plants. Use different shades of green to enhance these simple DIY planter boxes.

Recycled Tissue Box Planter

Recycled Tissue Box Planter Idea

A fancy empty tissue box can easily be converted into a beautiful display for small succulents or aromatic blossoms. Once you run out of tissues, cut a wooden slab of the same size as the top of the tissue box, and glue the piece on the box.

Make sure to cut out a rectangular portion from the center of the slab to make space for adding the soil and drill necessary drainage holes at the bottom.

Polished Wood Planter Box

Polished Wood Planter Box Idea

These cedar wood planter boxes are extremely easy to build. If you don’t want to create a mess, you can always buy one online and enjoy the rewarding impact that these planter boxes come with.

Polish these boxes using transparent waterproofing exterior wood finish to keep the original wood texture intact while keeping these beautiful pieces looking stunning all year round.

Windowsill Garden Box

Windowsill Garden Box Idea

If you decide to opt for a DIY windowsill garden box, you will have to decide how big you want to go. If you are into oversized planters, it might be best to find a box that covers your entire window.

You can use pine cones or used soda cans to fill these boxes without adding much weight. Select from a wide range of herbs to grow near your kitchen so that you can enjoy easy access to edible essentials.

Fancy Grill Planter Box

Fancy Grill Planter Box

For a bright and bold look, give this oversize fancy grill planter box a try. Remember that due to themetal construction and the addition of soil, these boxes can become quite heavy.

Therefore, it might be best to safely secure them using several large lag bolts. You can spray paint the grill with a dull color so that the bright and vibrant shades of the flowers and shrubs complement it perfectly.

Upcycled Toy Planter Box

Upcycled Toy Planter Box Idea

A handmade toy planter box is an excellent way to put a toy on display that your child has outgrown. It also makes for a sweet graduation present! You can even teach your little one how to garden with this creative idea. Remember, drainage is vital to the health of your plant; therefore, as long as you take care of the water and maintenance needs of your plant, you will be good to go!

Pebbles Planter Bin

Pebble Planter Box Idea

This pebble planter box is not only thoughtful but is also ethereal – an ideal combination! These beautifully assembled rocks will bring you a deep sense of calm and peace every time you get a glimpse.

The dull grey color of the bin and beautiful green leaves of the plant blend extremely well together. However, you can paint the box with any color that goes with your décor!

Woody Compact Planter Box

Woody Compact Planter Box Idea

Planter boxes are an excellent choice for growing plants in the backyard without digging around or disturbing your lawn too much. Even if you don’t have a lot of space for plants, you can surely fit this compact planter in some corner with sufficient natural light. The soft purple blossoms will make a lovely addition to your backyard for a lively springtime display!

Balcony Planter Box

Balcony Planter Box Idea

When it comes to DIY planter box ideas with flowers and shrubs, you can’t get any better than planter boxes on the window sill. This beautiful balcony planter box can be put together in about half an hour using trim molding and pine boards.

You can even add liners to these planter boxes and fill them with deep green boxwoods to instantly add lushness, structure and height to the planter. If you’d rather opt for some softer alternative, go for flowers like hyacinth and pansies.

Delicate Planter Crate

Delicate Planter Crate Box Idea

If you aren’t really a DIY person and don’t want to spend bulks of money on planters either, you can easily reuse a fruit crate to make an instant planter box. You can even make a pallet stand by painting multiple planter crates with bold colors and placing them together.

Love-Is-In-The-Air Planter Box

Love Is In The Air Planter Box Idea

These popular love-is-in-the-air planter boxes make your window look even more stunning when paired with shutters of a contrasting color. If you don’t want your entire window to be covered with these boxes, you can always opt for several mini planter boxes of your choice.

When it comes to traditional gardens, there is no denying that they are gorgeous; however, they require a lot of work. For people with busy schedules and small backyards, these planter box ideas with flowers and shrubs can go a long way!

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