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Plants You Should Use In Your Apartment

After a while, living in an apartment can start to get a bit mundane and stale. After all, it’s the same four walls, and depending on your apartment, it might be a small to medium-sized space. Getting some apartment plants can be a great step to combat this since they make you feel more welcome in the space as well as purify the air.

However, it can be quite hard to keep these plants alive, especially since many apartments have limited natural light and space. So what does one do in this situation?

Fear not! We have compiled a list of plants that are apartment-friendly. This means that you can keep these in your apartment to make the place feel more special.  

1. Pothos

Pothos Apartment Plant

Pothos is a leafy green plant that is perfect for apartments since it adds some lovely accents to the space. They look great in hanging baskets and can even be used as a climbing plant.

They help purify the air quality since they absorb toxins like formaldehyde from the environment.

2. Snake Plants

Snake Apartment Plant

Snake plants have a really high tolerance, which makes them great for apartment owners – especially those on a busy schedule who can’t make time every day to maintain their plants. They can even survive weeks of neglect without any visible loss of shape. Snake plants are perfect for beginners since they handle low light and a lack of water really well.

3. ZZ Plants

ZZ Apartment Plant

ZZ plants come from a country in East Africa called Zanzibar. The reason that these plants are fit for apartment owners is that they barely need any maintenance.

How low is low maintenance? Well, you only need to water it three times a month. Along with this, they don’t need a lot of light and don’t attract pests. All you have to do is keep them on a shelf or a window sill and forget about them (but remember to water them three times a month, at least).

4. Succulents

Succulent Apartment Plant

Succulents have recently become really popular as apartment plants. This is because they look great and don’t need a lot of fuss or maintenance. All they need for survival is watering once a month and a little bit of sunlight.

As such, these plants look great when placed on your computer desk, or even on your side table.  

5. Iron Plants

Iron Apartment Plant

Iron plants have amazing dark green leaves that lend a pleasant aesthetic to any apartment space. They particularly enjoy low lighting and can even survive in poor soil and with little water.

6. Cacti

Cacti Apartment Plant

Cacti come in a fantastic array of types, which can be quite fun to have around the apartment. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes that can fit into any space you want. It is also pretty easy to care for them since you can just leave them in a window in the sunlight without having to give them much water.

7. Spider Plants

Spider Apartment Plant

No list of plants you should use in your apartment can be complete without spider plants. They are a low light species, and also self-propagate via off-shoots. These plants are great for people who want abundance. They thrive when the roots get crowded, which is perfect for apartments with less space.

8. Bamboo

Bamboo Apartment Plant

Bamboo plants only need shade and water to thrive. They have an amazing look and add to a positive living space. They are often a part of a rich feng shui environment with elements from the earth, wood, and water.

A bamboo plant, when placed in the correct spot in your apartment, balances the five elements in any room.

9. Ficus Trees

Ficus Tree Apartment Plant

If you have an apartment that’s large enough for a full-sized tree, then a ficus tree is a great option. They are low maintenance plants, which means that all they need is fairly regular watering and a bit of fertilizer. Keep this tree in the corner of a room where it can get enough light and then only focus a bit on its watering needs.

One thing that’s really neat about ficus trees is that when they are young, you can weave the multiple trunks to braid them together. This makes them a great choice if you’re looking for plants that add a more decorative feel to your apartment space.


Adding apartment plants to your home can freshen up the place and make it more suitable to live in. They are also great when it comes to improving air quality. All these factors just go to show why apartment plants are so necessary in any apartment space. If you choose any of the plants on this list, you’re sure to brighten up your space and make it a healthier place to be in.  

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