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Should You Have Plants in Your Bathroom? Definitely!



Should You Have Plants in Your Bathroom

Plants add color and a refreshing feel to any space. They’re beautiful and uplifting. They’re mood boosters. They filter the air and make the environment healthier and cleaner. These are just a few of the many benefits of having plants around and even inside your home. The trend of houseplants has become extremely popular and has not only taken over nearly all households but has expanded to every room the house, including your bathroom.

The idea of having plants in your bathroom may feel off and unusual, but trust us when we say that transforming your bathroom into a personal oasis filled with plants can give you real vacation feels!

Can Plants Thrive in a Bathroom?

If you’re wondering whether plants can even survive in the bathroom, the answer is yes. They not only survive but thrive in the moist environment of a bathroom. Even if you lack the proverbial green thumb, simply putting plants that are struggling to grow in other parts of your home in your bathroom can make a massive difference. You will be amazed to see how fresh and alive your plants will start to look; the same plants that were looking dull and nearly dead earlier.

The bathroom provides an ideal environment for many plants; the high humidity, exposure to sunlight (most bathrooms have a window), and warmth of a bathroom is exactly what most tropical plants long for.

Benefits of Having Plants in Your Bathroom

Benefits of Having Plants in Your Bathroom

If you’re skeptical about the idea of having plants in a bathroom, go through the numerous benefits associated with having plants in your bathroom.

1. Plants Purify and Refresh the Air in Your Bathroom

The air inside your house is quite polluted, and this is something not many people realize. The pollution makes its way inside your home, and further contamination by detergents and paints makes the air a lot less clean. The air in the bathroom, to be specific, needs to be purified more than anything, particularly to get rid of any bad smell that might be lingering.

The first and foremost benefit of having plants in your bathroom is a refreshing feeling and cleaner air. Plants help get rid of unpleasant odors in the bathroom and make it a more refreshing place to be in. With plants in your bathroom, you can enjoy a truly pleasant and a calming bath at the end of a long tiring day.

2. Energy Boost

According to some studies, having plants in your bathroom can give you an energy boost early in the morning. Not only will you feel more energized after your bath, but you will also feel a greater sense of vitality.

While an early morning shower is a great way to freshen up in the morning, having plants in the bathroom will double the effect. The positive energy that you will feel with the presence of plants will stay with you throughout the day. This is one of the most important reasons why you should definitely have plants in your bathroom, especially if you’re not a morning person.

3. Improved Atmosphere

Have you ever felt the atmosphere of any room change because of plants? Have you ever felt that having plants in an indoor space gives positive vibes and makes the entire room look warmer and more welcoming? Well, plants are actually capable of uplifting the atmosphere of any room that they’re in.

Each person in the house spends a considerable amount of time in the bathroom, especially in the morning, as they go about their daily morning routines. This is why it is a good idea to focus on the atmosphere of one of the most important parts of your home.

4. Reduce Dampening

Bathrooms, by nature, are damp most of the time. Too much humidity and moisture in the bathroom can have a direct impact on the furnishings and paint of the bathroom. However, when you have plants in your bathroom, you can rest assured that the plants will take care of excess moisture that was left behind after you took a shower.

Plants utilize the moisture and “breathe” out oxygen, which means, no matter how wet your bathroom was when you left, you will return to a truly refreshing bathroom!

5. Improve Mental Health

The theory that indoor plants can have a significantly positive effect on your mental health has been backed by numerous studies. Spending more time around plants elevates your mood, helps you get rid of stress and anxiety, and can actually improve relationships and communication skills. Plants help you have a more positive outlook on life. Having your mind get into a calm and relaxing mood early in the morning is the biggest favor you do for yourself, so why shouldn’t you?

6. Improved Aesthetics

There are numerous varieties of shower plants that you can choose from. Having beautiful plants in your bathroom can help improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. The bathroom is considered one of the most important parts of your home. It is also one of the most used rooms in the entire house. Focusing on its décor and aesthetics is a value-adding project, and adding plants to your bathroom is the most cost-effective way of bringing up the level of the bathroom décor!

Best Plants for Your Bathroom

Best Plants for Your Bathroom

By now, we’ve hopefully been able to convince you of the benefits of keeping plants in your bathroom. If we have, you’re probably now wondering which plants to opt for. We have listed down some plants that thrive in bathrooms.

1. Orchids

Orchids are one of the finest plant varieties to have in your bathroom. They give your bathroom a luxury spa feel. Orchids are elegant and are sure to add a wondrous appeal to your bathroom. Simply place a pot of orchids on your windowsill where it will receive direct sunlight. This will ensure that it thrives in your bathroom’s space.

2. Peace Lilly

The Peace Lilly has a striking appearance, with its white flowers and glossy green leaves. It performs fairly well in low-lit conditions such as in the bathroom. Place it near a steamy shower so that it receives adequate humidity that it needs to grow and flourish.

3. Begonia

The bathroom is actually one of the best locations for the Begonia. They grow well in the humidity and fluorescent lighting of the bathroom.

4. Pothos

The beautiful heart-shaped, marbled leaves of the Pothos plant make it a great addition to any indoor space, even the bathrooms. Pothos is a low-maintenance plant that can thrive well in your bathroom and add a level of beauty to it that many other plants cannot.

5. Spider Plant

The spider plant, as the name suggests, looks like a spider. It is a low-growing variety that is best suited for bathrooms. It is a common plant found in public spaces and is known for its ability to remove fumes, odors, and 90% of formaldehyde from the air.

The spider plan is also an excellent option if you’re looking for a bathroom plant that can help you get rid of that foul bathroom smell.

Final Word

Having plants in your bathroom is definitely a great idea, not just because they look good but also because they leave your bathroom feeling fresh and clean. Along with this, they also have numerous benefits for your physical and mental health.

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