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Small Garden Decking Designs | Better Landscaping Tips and Tricks



Small Garden Decking Designs

When you have the best small garden decking designs to sort you out, you don’t need a massive garden space or a lawn that’s big enough to host a whole festival. A functional and peaceful garden can be perfect for any space. There are definitely average-looking gardens out there, but you can do all sorts of things to make such garden space incredibly appealing. Your garden can be small but still look fascinating.

The biggest benefit of having a smaller garden is that you don’t have to put a lot of money and effort into maintaining it. Instead, you can focus your resources on making the garden better for you and your family. Getting some fresh air and sun has never been better.

Here are some small garden decking designs that will help you transform your garden.

Install a Fireplace

A Beautiful Garden Deck

Adding a fireplace if you have really cold winters can be a great addition to your garden space. Cozying up with the entire family in front of a warm fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and sharing stories can be so much fun. Don’t worry about the space it takes up either. There are plenty of small and even portable fireplaces that you can use.

Pond with Flower

Pond Leading To The Deck

You can even get fancy with the landscape of your garden and add a beautiful pond to it. A lovely wooden bridge across the pond leading up to the deck can be a fabulous way to properly utilize the space in your garden. You don’t even need a large amount of space to add it. Imagine the delight of the kids to watch some fish move around in the water or the romantic evenings with your partner as you look at the reflection of the moon in the pond.

Get an Umbrella

Umbrella On The Deck

Having a meal or getting some fresh air in the garden always sounds like a good deal, but having the sun in your eyes probably doesn’t. A huge umbrella is a great way to get some cool shade while you play cards with your family on the deck or just enjoy a nice lunch in the sun on a warm summer day. When it comes to small garden decking designs, this one is an affordable and functional option to add a little something to your garden.

Add a Bench

Bench In The Garden

Having a bench on the deck can be a great lounging space. You can have your evening tea in the fresh air and even sit down with your partner for a heart-to-heart chat. If you are picking a bench for the deck, make sure it’s the right material for the furniture in the deck space. Getting the wrong material can result in damage to the furniture due to environmental damage.

Swing Seats for the Deck

Swing Seats For Your Deck

Swing seats are a fun and delightful addition to any deck. There are plenty of swing seats that can fit into your aesthetic and lead to a much more wholesome sitting area. Swing seats look right at home out on the deck in the cool wind and bright sun.

Wooden Bench for Dinning

A Wooden Bench Adds A Rustic Feel

A wooden bench is a great addition to the deck area. It looks great and adds a lot of functionality to the space. You can host dinner parties outside or have a nice private affair with your family too. It can be the source of many great memories. The bench also looks pretty great since the dark wooden tones add a nice accent to the area.

A BBQ Grill

Outdoor BBQ Grill

Who doesn’t love cooking outdoors in the fresh air? There are many benefits to adding a BBQ grill to the deck for a bout of barbecuing or grilling. If you have a small kitchen, it can be a great idea to have an additional cooking space in the yard, especially for big events like Thanksgiving, where it’s all about the food. Spending the Sunday cooking out in the yard and grilling up some nice hot dogs, burgers, or steaks can be a delicious, delightful experience.

Herb Garden

Deck Planters And Herb Gardens Are A Wonderful Addition

Small herbs and planters can’t just be strewn across the garden. The deck is a better location for them since you can always go pick some herbs and go straight back to the kitchen to add them to the lovely dishes that you’re cooking. Planters can also be a great way to get your kids involved in a nice hobby too, so you if have some planters in your house (like in your bathroom), get them out and put them on the deck.

Hanging Flowers

Hanging Plants Look Beautiful

Seeing some colorful flowers and leafy plants hanging around on the deck can be a lovely sight. There are many flowers that perfectly suit hanging pots, and getting climbers like ivy or honeysuckles can make your deck look that much more inviting. It can fill up the space with color and delightful shrubbery that make the deck a more wholesome space to take up.

Wooden Shelves for Plants

Outdoor Deck With Wooden Shelves

Some beautiful wooden shelves to the wall of your deck can be a great place to house some small plants and flowers. They look homey and add a nice level of clean sophistication to the place and are a simple way to add more depth to the deck and make it look better. You can even add plants that repel mosquitoes and other plants that have a sweet fragrance. This will only add to the whole garden experience.

Cozy Furniture

Cozy Furniture On A Deck

If it doesn’t rain in your area, you can always invest in some cozy furniture for the deck. Lounging around on a comfy sofa with your friends while someone is playing the guitar will soon become a favorite memory of yours. Other things you can do on the furniture? Enjoy a nice cup of coffee, read a good book, or listen to some music.

Alternatively, if you frequently host guests, they’ll have some comfortable seating and won’t have to stand around the whole time or go inside if they want to sit down.

Bean Bags

Bean Bags On A Deck

In the previous entry, we talked about cozy furniture; now, let’s talk about comfy furniture! Seriously, who doesn’t love some comfy bean bags? Bean bags make a perfect, comfy place to relax as you catch up with your social media or just have a lovely conversation with your family!

Swing in a Hammock

Hammocks For Outdoor Spaces

Hammocks are probably the first thing that comes to many people’s minds when they think of relaxation and chilling. A pretty lace hammock can look right when it’s placed on your deck. Also, cozying up with your spouse on the hammock can be really unique and romantic, too – just make sure that it’s big (and strong) enough to support the two of you.

Twinkling Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights On A Deck

Fairy lights are a great lighting source. In the evenings, when you look out onto the deck and see the twinkling lights, it will surely make you smile. They result in a pretty romantic mood, too, which can work to your advantage if you want to set up a romantic date with your spouse or significant other.

Overhead Deck

An Overhead Deck Overlooking A Garden

Now, this might come as a surprise, but as small garden decking designs go, an overhead deck is a great way not only to add something to your garden space, but also give you more space. How? Let us explain. The second floor can be built right outside your bedroom, which can give you a lovely balcony to sit on.

The space right under the floor will have plenty of shade in case the sun is out, and when it rains, you can make it a cozy space with a fireplace, where you can sit with the family as the rain patters around you.

There will also be plenty of space on the main deck for it to look open and inviting. You can keep planters or some other nice patio furniture there too.

Stone Steps

Stone Steps Leading To A Patio

Massive rocks leading up to the deck can be a rustic, beautiful addition to any garden space. The rocks add an authentic accent to the deck and look perfect against the wooden tones of the deck. Also, it makes a great walkway if you want to simulate the feeling of walking across an actual pond or a stony pathway.

Adding Some Color

Colorful Cushions On A Deck

Everything doesn’t have to be one tone on the deck. If you want to add a pop of color to the wall of the deck or the space in general, go ahead! There are plenty of colorful pillows and cushions you can add to make the space look more inviting. A unique, colorful pattern on the walls can help you jazz up the place and make it something that’s appealing.

Brick Work

Brick Walls Add A Rustic Feel

Brickwork can look simply glorious against an open deck space. Brick walls add character to the deck and function well with all kinds of colors and themes. They give a sense of strength and a solid façade. If you make crevices to add some plants against the wall, they will stand out against the exposed brick structure, which can add a pop of color to it.

A Jacuzzi

A Jacuzzi Is A Great Place To Relax

What’s more, relaxing than a hot soothing dip in the Jacuzzi? Even if you have a small deck, a Jacuzzi can just add to it and make it so much more functional. Just sitting in a Jacuzzi while the warm water relaxes your muscles and joints can be a fun and great way to unwind after a long day.

These small garden decking designs are an inspiration for homeowners to do things their own way. You can take the concepts laid out here and turn them into functional, practical ideas for your home.

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