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Tree House Design Ideas | Create Unique, Amazing Tree Houses



Tree House Design Ideas

Tree house design ideas are basically a combination of the magic of childhood, freedom, and joy. This iconic structure is designed to bring adults and kids closer to nature in one sweep. However, tree houses aren’t the simple tree deck structures you remember from your childhood anymore. With easy access to power tools and endless interest in living in tree houses, they have evolved into complex, two-story structures with creative additions and features.

With basic building knowledge and experience, it isn’t even that difficult to build. The difficulty level of the tree house is only limited by your imagination and the design. There are many easy solutions to creating an amazing tree house, with plenty of unique features to get the whole family excited.

If you have a piece of land, sturdy trees, a bunch of power tools, and building experience, you don’t have to wait for any to create the tree house of your dreams. Here are some tree house design ideas to get you started on designing an amazing blueprint for epic structures.

Working with a Deck

Huge Tree House

When we say tree houses have become really complex structures, we mean it. A lot of people have started to work patios, balconies, or decks into their tree houses for the ultimate lounging experience. Imagine you are sitting on the deck of your new tree houses, looking at the view, and sipping a hot cup of coffee. The breeze ruffles the leaves around you, and the warm sun shines down onto your face. What could be better? You can add a lounge chair or huge pillows and make it the best place to kick back.

Adding a Swing

Swinging Under A Tree House

Since you are already realizing your childhood dreams of a tree house, why not complete it with a swing? There are plenty of tree house design ideas that incorporate add a swing into the mix. Taking in the view from the swing is one unique experience that everyone should have at least once.

A lot of manufacturers make ready-to-use swings that you just need to attach. You can even keep it scrappy and classic by just adding a rope swing that your children can hang onto. Even tire swings work since children tend to adore them.

Whimsical Colors

Tree House With Bright Paint

You don’t need the biggest tree house on the planet to make it endearing and whimsical. You can also turn a small tree house into something straight out of a fairy tale by playing around with the colors and the design. By adding a roof and using bright colors, you can add a flair that will ignite your child’s imagination.

Scrappy Aesthetics

Scrappy Tree House Designs

Not a lot of people prefer the huge tree house designs of old since it can make the charm of tree houses diminish. For such folks, scrappy tree house design ideas are better. Adding an odd-looking shape with a random window and crooked roofs can be quite a fun design element too. It looks right out of an old witch’s tale. You won’t even have to worry about making small mistakes when you are putting together the tree house.

Wooden Bridges

Rickety Bridge On A Tree House

Wooden bridges are an amazing feature for tree houses and serve all sorts of purposes. You can connect two smaller tree houses on different trees with a wood and rope bridge. If you are concerned about safety, you can also make it completely out of wood. Wooden bridges can also connect the tree house to the house. Your kid would definitely show you immense gratitude for an amazing bridge that starts from their room to their tree house.

Rounded Designs

Tree House Structure

People often go to basic square or rectangle designs since they are the easiest to build. If you have the expertise and woodworking knowledge to build a rounded design, it can be a really unique model. It does take a bit of extra work to shape it in a circle, but it can be worth it. The best way to do is to stand your planks vertically instead of horizontally. This can make it easier to get a rounded structure on the tree.

Make the Entrance Unique

Unique Tree House

The tree house will only be as grand as your imagination allows it to be. If you want to make it really unique, you should think beyond the same old rope ladder entrance. You can build an entire staircase out of wood revolving up to your entrance. By adding lights to it, you can make it look absolutely amazing. You can also add a gate to make sure for security to make sure no one can just enter it without the key to the lock.

Some people also attach climbing systems up the tree to make it more exciting. A lot of manufacturers have a climbing system that makes tree houses even more enticing. It results in endless fun because you can even change the climbing route as you please. You don’t need to do any permanent installation or nailing in case you want to protect the tree from damage.

To make it even more fun, you can add a slide as an exit route. Your children will love sliding down when you call them back into the house for lunch.

Multiple Story Tree Houses

Tree House With Two Stories

These tree house design ideas are listed to boost you to take your tree house to a whole new level. For those people who want a challenge when it comes to building their tree palace, building multiple floors is the best idea. You will have endless possibilities to add more features and functions to your tree house if you manage to design multiple floors. It can result in years of endless fun since it is basically like a mini-mansion.

If you have an old tree house in the backyard that needs an update, you can design a way to add more stories to it to make it better. It will even be able to accommodate more people, so your kids can invite all their friends to make sure that no one feels left out. Just make sure that the tree is strong enough to hold the weight. You should think about adding some columns or pillars to make sure the house as ample support if you decide to build multiple stories.

Adding String Lights

Tree House With String Lights

One of the easiest ways to completely transform the tree house is by adding string lights into the mix. Adding whimsical lights can create a whole new warm aesthetic that anyone will enjoy. You can even hang lanterns along the tree house roof to create an inviting environment. Playing in the glow of the lights can be a dream-come-true for any kid.

The idea of sitting under the glow of typical Christmas lights makes the tree house feel much better. These kinds of lights aren’t just appealing to young kids but adults as well. Sitting back to relax under the lights while the children play in the background can be a really wholesome experience. It can also make your tree house more versatile since the fun won’t stop when the sun goes down. Imagine all the cool winter nights where you can cuddle up as a family with the twinkling lights.

Adding Flowers and Plants

Flower Planters On Railings

Flowers aren’t just for the flower beds anymore. You can take nature up by a notch by adding railing planters into the mixture. You can get amazing wood or terra cotta planters for the tree house. They are a great way to add a little color and greenery to the tree house. They can hang over the railings of the tree house, perfect for small or drought resistant plants.

Your kids will love getting their hands dirty and learning about gardening as well. You can teach them how to take care of their small herb garden or get a bunch of lovely flowers that will make the tree house looking inviting in the spring season.

Just make sure that you secure the containers with brackets or zip ties to make sure they don’t get knocked off as the kids play around.

You also don’t need to spend a lot of money on purchasing window boxes. You can easily try DIY solutions for planters using old water bottles, discarded bottles, old boots, and more. This is a great way to recycle old material and teach your kids how to be crafty in one go.

Have a Theme

Tree House With Curtains

You can take your tree house to a new level by adding a theme. A themed tree house can inspire kids to let their imagination run wild. You can go for a simple cottage feels or create eccentric, outlandish themes to blow any kid’s mind. You can have an archaeology theme, Tarzan vibes, thick Amazon-style forest themes, or even a whole pirate ship. It can be a unique twist on the class idea of a tree house that we have all experienced far too often.

It can be quite easy to add elements to the tree house in support of a theme. For example, adding a ship deck, a dragon bow, a helm, a telescope, and a crow’s nest for a pirate theme. You can even add an anchor to the good old rope swing to make it more fun. To inspire the young one to imagine they’re inside Tarzan’s world, you can plant ivy around the wall, add images of wild creatures, and use green paint to make it look wilder.

It can quite a simple way to fuel imagination, but an amazing touch nonetheless.


As you can see, tree house design ideas are only limited by your imagination. Let your inner child roam free and see all the unique designs that will be fun for you and your children. Tree houses are definitely one addition to the garden that can spark joy for you.

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